Hong Kong Sightseeing

Hong Kong Tramways: Our local expert

Hong Kong Tramways has been operating trams in Hong Kong for over 110 years: these trams are not only a popular form of commuter transport, but also a major tourist destination in themselves!  Now, you have the chance to get a taste of the only tram system in the world operated exclusively with double-decker trams with Extrapolitan!

The TramOramic Combo Tour

See the best of the city from two different perspectives; go back to the 1920s and experience the most original Hong Kong sightseeing Tour aboard our heritage double-deck TramOramic Tour. Then, enjoy a 2 day unlimited hop on hop off pass aboard the Hong Kong Tramways.

Hop aboard a 1920s-style open top tram and embark on a fascinating trip through genuine Hong Kong. During your amazing journey you’ll encounter bustling streets, ultra-modern cityscapes and historic hotspots. The tramway is a living, evolving connection between Hong Kong’s colourful history and modern culture. No wonder a sightseeing tour on board our double-decker tram is on the 'things to do in Hong Kong' list of every visitor to this beautiful city.

On the tour across the major Hong Kong attractions, you will be treated to true tales of life and history along the tramway narrated by an old-time motorman via individual headphones.

Experience Hong Kong sightseeing with:

  • A unique elevated viewpoint: a unique tour full of history through the most vibrant parts of Hong Kong
  • An historical lower deck: Dive into the tram’s story and experience HK’s street life


Hong Kong Tramways pass

After your TramOramic tour experience, get on board our double-deck tramways, hop on hop off across 6 routes and explore the major Hong Kong attractions at your own pace. Your unlimited usage pass is valid for the rest of that day as well as the two following days.

Hong Kong sightseeing tram

Tour Highlights

All tickets include:

  • 1-hour guided TramOramic Tour aboard our unique heritage tram featuring a 1920s-style tramcar with an open top upper deck and a vintage cabin lower deck
  • Itinerary along the busiest spots of Hong Kong Island
  • 2-day unrestricted hop-on hop-off access to the entire HK tram network
  • Audio guide available in 8 different languages
  • Heritage corner: onboard picture gallery, videos and genuine artefacts
  • Friendly staff on board to help you
  • 7 thematic journey maps for deepened self-guided explorations of the city with the many places of interest along the tram tracks


Tour Map

For an enlarged version of our tour map, please click on the map below!

Important Info

Tour Timings and Schedule: 

We have two itineraries, eastbound and westbound.

  • Eastbound: From Western Market terminus to Causeway Bay terminus
  • Westbound: From Causeway Bay terminus to Western Market terminus


We operate every day of the week, with 6 tours per day:

  Tour     Departure stop                         Time     Terminus stop Time 

 Western Market Terminus  

10:30 am 

 Causeway BusTerminus

 11:30 am
2  Causeway Bus Terminus 11:40 am  Western Market  Terminus   12:40 pm

 Western Market Terminus 

2:30 pm  Causeway Bus Terminus 3:35 pm
4  Causeway Bus Terminus 3:45 pm  Western Market Terminus  4:45 pm
5  Western Market Terminus  6:30 pm  Causeway Bus Terminus 7:45 pm
6  Causeway Bus Terminus    7:55 pm  Western Market Terminus  8:55 pm


Note: these timings are for the 1 hour Hong Kong sightseeing tour, which is not a hop-on hop-off tour. Your ticket entitles you to 2 days of unlimited hop-on hop-off on our regular tram services after the TramOramic tour.

Commentary is offered in: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian

Discover Hong Kong with HK Tramways!

  • 1-hour guided tour abord a a 1920s style tramcar
  • 2-day unlimited hop-on hop-off access to the entire HK tram network
  • Buy your pass, receive your e-voucher and redeem it onboard
  • Your e-voucher is valid for 6 months


10:30 a.m. Western Market Terminus Departure$12.50$8.50
11:40 a.m. Causeway Bay Terminus Departure$12.50$8.50
02:30 p.m. Western Market Terminus Departure$12.50$8.50
03:45 p.m. Causeway Bay Terminus Departure$12.50$8.50
06:30 p.m. Western Market Terminus Departure$12.50$8.50
07:55 p.m. Causeway Bay Terminus Departure$12.50$8.50