Get to know us

Extrapolitan is the official global network of hop-on hop-off city tours by RATP Group, the fifth largest urban transport operator in the world.
Extrapolitan is the global sign of a refined collection of locally-branded open-top, city tour buses operators that have each become an integral part of their city’s unique landscape. In state-of-the-art comfort and style, our friendly, flexible hop-on, hop-off service takes customers on easy, exciting, multi-lingual tours of 17 cities: Paris, London, Hong Kong, Bath, Cardiff, Windsor, Nice, Marseille, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Riga, Berlin, Tallinn, Stockholm, Athens, Budapest and Split.

Our passion, our promise

365 days a year, Extrapolitan prides itself on bringing visitor tourists of all nationalities together so they can discover the local flavour, dazzle, and intrigue of some of the world’s most iconic destinations.
We want our customers to love our cities as much as we do, and get a first-hand, up-close, unforgettable taste of their irresistible treasures and charms.
For the majority of our cities, our local tour bus guides have the insights, passion and personal knowledge to promise a customer journey that is as magical as it is meaningful.

Why you should ride with us

Extrapolitan counts over 65 years in London alone as the leading open-top tour bus operator, a position it also holds in Paris. Our ambition is to reinforce and expand our decades of expertise while we increase our partner and customer base worldwide. We carefully cultivate and deepen our local roots, and simultaneously aim to responsibly grow our collection of iconic cities around the globe. And because we keep you and your customers at the heart of everything we do, Extrapolitan ensures the same level of service excellence and continuous innovation across its entire sightseeing network.